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Scott and his team did a fantastic job of getting my hail repair done quickly and perfectly! Highly recommended!

Mat Findlay

They did an awesome job on my hail damage thanks guys

larry wienhoff

I think they do great work and have amazing customer service. Couldn't be happier. I had basically the whole front end of my truck repaired. Great work, paint and body!

Josh Daum

I've always used Scott for all my collision repairs. He's very professional and does amazing work. After my last service with his shop my horn stopped working again, I took it back and he fixed it again right away with no extra charge even tho it wasn't his or the shops fault as to why it had stopped working. He will always have me as a client, even though I'd hope the circumstances are a little different as to why I need his services. ?

Whitney W

A close family member was in an accident and when they asked us If we had a preference on towing company to come pick up the vehicle we had no idea what to say so HPD called Scotts. They were quick on scene very professional towards us, helped us out and answered all of our questions, and very fast cleanup to be able to get traffic flowing again. Highly recommend this company and if I'm ever in the situation again with anyone I'm close with or myself I know who I will call. Thank you Scott's collision for making such a disaster feel heartwarming!

Taylor Brothers

My son used Scott's body minor collision & towing when he wrecked is truck, they were fast to get it towed and taken care of right away. Best body man around and he is a great guy and gives back to the community... 10 out of 10

Emma Dooley

I wrecked my truck a couple years ago and Scott was very quick to get my truck in and the damage repaired, Scotter is always helpful and speedy when you need a tow and very reasonable to deal with. 10/10 from me

Brant Dooley

Got into a wreck during the winter time, this was the first and number one place I wanted to show up, so I told the deputies to call Scotty and within minutes here he came pulling up. Funny thing was I was his first tow since he got onto the Ralls County rotation! Scotty I want that picture up on the wall ?. Anyways him and his son got the truck loaded up in no time and took it to his lot and told us to call whenever we wanted to swing by and gather up everything out of the truck. Overnight we had quite a bit of snowfall but Scotty was still ready to meet us at the lot and even plowed us an entrance and exit so we didn't have to drag everything through the snow. Number 1 tow company in the area in my book!

Austin Nichelson

I took my wife's car there after she had been in an accident and they did an outstanding job. They couldn't have been more professional and respectful. They had the car back to us in no time. Would highly recommend.

Kaleb Hall

Great group of guys that know what they're doing and very professional. Highly recommended

austin haynes

Scott is the best. During a stopover we got stuck in a snow filled alley by our hotel. When AAA and even OnStar said they couldn't help until it was plowed, Scott said he could come and get us out. And he did! Such a nice pleasant guy. Truly good customer service. Highly recommend! Can't say enough. Thank you Scott!!!

suzie q

Of all the people I've talked to about my car and helping me he was amazing! Being a girl you never know what someone will tell you needs fixed just to make extra money but he didn't do that! He was very helpful and very knowledgeable. I will always go to him for anything I need done with my car.

kim p

Civic Vs. 18 Wheeler = scariest day of my life. Scott's was the ONLY tow place that answered the phone and agreed to come out in the weather to get me that day. They rebuilt the entire left front end of my car from a collapsed and mangled mess and did an amazing job! I can truly say they went above and beyond to ensure great customer service. Thank you again guys for everything you did for me throughout that tough time. I'm grateful that I now have someone I know and trust in the area!

elizabeth m

Scott Gallaher is making a difference in this community. I used to hate driving down Market Street and due to his influence and hard work the street looks SO much better. Hats off to you Scott! Keep up the great work and thank you for your hard work making Hannibal better.

sally k

Scott's is the start to finish auto body collision service. From picking up your vehicle from the point of the accident, to the complete auto body repairs. They will be with you every step of the way.

david w

I love the work you do for the community, it's always a pleasure to see you outdo Jason!

gage b

Great customer service!

regina a

Great place to do business!! Would recommend him to anyone ..

lianne f

Best Body Shop I've ever known!!! With the very best people in the world working there! I would recommend any one going here!!!

michelle g

Very good place to do business..I'll send people his way anytime...

johnnie r

I will never forget the snowy day of March 23rd 2013. While driving back to Saint Louis from visiting my parents in Mendon we were hit by a Semi Truck. Civic Vs. 18 Wheeler... scariest day of my life. Once we landed on the side of the road and we figured out that we amazingly didn't have a scratch on us, I got out to assess the damage. The entire front left end of my car was completely mangled and collapsed.

In tears still, I started calling towing places. Everyone kept telling me no, it was too dangerous out or they didn't answer the phone at all. My heart sank when I was down to one number, Scott's Minor Collision and Towing. My prayers were answered when they picked up and I frantically explained the situation. I heard a friendly voice say "Don't worry, I am sending my guys out to get you right now and they will be there as soon as they can." Scott's guys got there fast and had us sit in their warm truck while they worked to get my car on the truck. They were great!

I didn't know what a pain everything was going to be after the wreck. I was dealing with awful Insurance people and was skeptical to let them pick where my car was fixed. I didn't know Scott at the time but figured they were the only ones who would come get me that day so I decided to give the job to them. Scott helped me fight to get only the best new parts put on my car and his guys did an amazing job fixing my car. I even had it checked out by the manufacturer afterwards and they were impressed with the rebuild of the left front end.

I can truly say Scott's went above and beyond to ensure great customer service. Thank you again guys for everything you did for me throughout that tough time. I'm grateful that I now have someone I know and trust in the area!

Elizabeth K.

We were very thankful that if we had to have an accident on our trip from Minnesota to Florida that Scott's was available to repair our 2016 Subaru Outback and get us back on the road. Scott was very responsive and only needed to wait for the insurance company incompetence before he could order parts and start the work. We got a rental car and stopped back in 3 weeks to a car that is as good as new.

I hope that I don't have to use Scott again, but if I lived in the approximate area and needed auto body repair, I would definitely use Scott.

Thank you Scott and Brandi for helping us.

Bill and Katy

Bill H.

Body work...no problem I am absolutely stunned by the work that was done to my vehicle I would recommend these guys to anyone I talk to thanks for making my vehicle look brand new again not only fast but you get quality at the same time!

James Amron Astorino II

Amazing work! Looks better than when I bought it!

Morgun Jones

Best reliable tow service in town!!!

Skylar Standbridge.

Scott has helped us out more than a couple of times. Professional & excellent service. Scott's team is the best in towing & auto body work. Five stars

Stacy Roland Roach

Scott's has repaired and towed many cars for us. They do a great job!

Sarah Joy Walker

Showed up quick and did an excellent job getting my car out of the ditch, you won't be disappointed with the service

Jerry Tallman

I had Scott repair my 2014 chevy after it got hit on the driver's side front and rear door. and driver's side bed side.I was really impressed on how fast and how awesome he made my truck look like new again . Scott also took time explain what he would do that made me feel confident that he was the right person to fix my truck. I highly recommend his body shop

Randall Stupavsky

I can't recommend this shop enough! Our parked car was damaged in a hit and run the day after Christmas. Scott drove all the way up to look at it and gave us an estimate. He was upfront with us and the repairs stayed within the estimate. He did a beautiful job fixing our car and getting us back to normal. Definitely recommend!!

Sarah Nicole Sullivan

Experienced professional business

Troy Culp